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Police seek clues in fatal bar shooting

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Beth Winegarner
Daily News Staff Writer
July 6, 2005

The doors were locked and all was quiet yesterday at Mr. Frog’s Club, just days after a shootout claimed two lives and injured a third man Saturday.

Police are still investigating what lead to the shooting deaths of Redwood City residents Rosa Gomez, 33, and Reducinto Delgado, 62.

A third man, whose name has not been released, was transported to an area hospital and listed in critical condition, Redwood City Sgt. Sean Hart told the Daily News Sunday. He is believed to be the bar owner, according to police reports filed by Detective Eric Acha.

Delgado, whose body was found next to the bar’s pool table with a gun nearby, is believed to be the shooter and a relative of the owner, according to Acha. The relationship between Gomez and the others is unknown.

Last Saturday, police responded just before 6:15 p.m. to reports of a shooting at Mr. Frog’s. When officers arrived, they found the door was locked and called on the department’s SWAT team for backup.

Jim Moreno, a former San Carlos police officer who lives just blocks away from Mr. Frogs, watched the action unfold from a parking lot across Brewster Avenue from the bar. He arrived minutes after police did, and described a standoff between police and those inside Mr. Frog’s that lasted nearly two hours.

“The street was blocked off, and the police made a semicircle with their guns aimed at the door,” Moreno said.

Bystanders told Moreno that the police believed they had a hostage situation on their hands. Police negotiators attempted to communicate with those inside Mr. Frog’s, first in English, then in Spanish.

“They were saying, ‘Answer the phone, we want to come in, we want contact,'” Moreno said.

Finally, a woman appeared in the narrow doorway and appeared shocked by the row of police officers with their guns trained on the door, according to Moreno. She eventually came out, and was handcuffed and taken away.

Moments later, a man appeared, holding one hand to his wounded head, blood staining his arm and face, Moreno said. With his other hand, he talked on a cell phone and appeared not to notice the police.

“Here’s a man with a bullet to the skull, who obviously was on the move when the shooting happened,” Moreno said. “Either it caught him at a glance or was a small enough caliber.”

Two other women emerged from Mr. Frog’s a few minutes later, Moreno said. All of those who remained in the bar after police arrived were Mr. Frog’s employees, Hart said.

Only once everyone exited the building did the police move in and locate the bodies of Delgado and Gomez. Police found two handguns at the scene, Hart said.

It’s uncertain when the popular Latino bar will reopen, according to Kevin Sharma, a clerk at Discount Liquors at 850 Brewster Ave., next door to Mr. Frog’s. No one answered the phone at the bar yesterday.

Anyone with information regarding the case can contact Hart at (650) 780-7681 or Acha at (650) 780-7697.

This article originally appeared in the San Mateo Daily News.

Written by Beth Winegarner

July 6, 2005 at 9:05 PM

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